About Us

We are a fully integrated engineering fabricator, capable of performing a job from the initial design stage to delivery of the final product.

What started in 1880, as a company serving the agricultural and ranching communities of the Arizona territory, has grown to become the largest vessel & tank manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain region!

Eaton Metal Products Company utilizes its (3) large production facilities in Denver, Salt Lake City & Pocatello, Idaho to fabricate a staggering number of vessel & tank types & sizes, all for a who's who list of customers around the US & the world.  Each of these facilities offers up-to-date equipment, utilized on multiple shifts, thus aiding us in satisfying the most demanding customer specifications & project timelines.

We fabricate pressure vessels in our shops up to 20' in diameter, in lengths up to 200' & weighing up to 550 tons!

Just as important, we are a team who takes pride in our work, doing what is required, when it is required.

We've Been Fabricating Steel Tanks, Pressure Vessels and Pipe Piling Since 1919We've Been Manufacturing Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks and Pipe Piling Since 1919

We've Been Designing Pipe Piling, Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels Since 1919