1880 - Albert Nathaniel Eaton opens the A.N. Eaton General Store in the Arizona territory, it remains open until the end of the mining boom in 1898.

1898 - A.N. Eaton moves his General Store to Kansas, where it remained until 1903.  In Kansas, Mr. Eaton purchases the rights to a stock watering tank from a nearby tin shop, this purchase launches Eaton into the metal fabrication business.

1903 - Nebraska & Iowa Steel Company is formed at 24 South Grant Street in Omaha, NE.  Eaton manufactures water & grain tanks at this location until 1910, growing orders forces the company to a larger facility.


1924 - The Denver plant moves to 4800 York St., where it currently operates today.

1930 - The beginning of the gasoline service station pump & tank business.

  • Denver acquires ASME "U" Stamp #74, which we still possess today!
  • WWII - heavily involved prior to the U.S. entering the war
  • Plant thrives as US Navy contracts move from California to Colorado

1949 - Manufacturing plant opens in Salt Lake City, Utah!

1950's - New products fill the shops, heavy focus on ASME vessels, bulk plants in the gasoline, oil & LPG business, service station equipment & pumps, tanks of all types & sizes, as well as grain bins.

  • Salt Lake City plant acquires ASME "U" stamp

1960's - Focus is on silos, storage tanks & tunnels for missile bases, pressure vessels, towers & tanks for the petrochemical & fertilizer industry, power plant projects & casing for nuclear testing.

  • Purchase of Ajax Iron Works & it's Truco product line

1970's - Focus is on petrochemical pressure vessels & towers, fertilizer tanks, pollution control equipment, flat panels & precipitators for power plants, field erected tanks & silos, penstock & piping, oil field tanks & treaters, tubular galleries, as well as bents & towers for power & cement plants.

  • Salt Lake City Plant acquires ASME "R" stamp

1980's - Focus is on tanks, pressure vessels & towers for petrochemical industry, penstock & piping, oil field tanks & treaters, field erected tanks & silos, heat exchangers, pressure vessels for the mining industry & casing for nuclear testing.

  • Installation of the Bertsch #32 (2 ½" X 12') Plate Roll
  • Move into heavy wall vessel fabrication
  • Fabrication of the first autoclave used for processing gold from sulfide ore

1990's - The mining industry boom generates several major projects that include (8) autoclaves, approx. (32) large support vessels, petrochemical tanks, pressure vessels & pipe & piling.

  • Installation of the Bertsch #40 (6 ½" X 13'-4") plate roll
  • Fabrication of the first (2) hydrotreater reactors in the United States, using the single pass RES (Resistance Electroslag) process
  • Fabrication of The Heaviest Object To Be Transported On The Federal Highway System - an autoclave measuring 76' long x 22'6" in dia. & weighing approx. 1,000,000 lbs!
  • Manufacturing plant opens in Pocatello, Idaho, significantly increasing heavy wall vessel capacity with it's stress relieving furnace & additional crane capacity!

Eaton Metal is a privately owned business that has been incorporated under the same management for (4) generations!