Inspection Services

Our primary goal is to assist our clients in achieving & maintaining compliance with federal & local regulations & to ensure the safe operation of their equipment.

Work is performed in accordance with several industry codes & standards, primarily through API (the American Petroleum Institute), including, but not limited to:

  • API 510 ... Pressure Vessel Inspection Code:  in-service inspection, rating, repair & alteration
  • API 570 ... Piping Inspection Code:  inspection, repair, alteration & re-rating of in-service piping systems
  • API 653 ... Tank inspections, repair, alteration & reconstruction
  • API 12R1 ... Recommended practice for setting, maintenance, inspection, operation & repair of tanks in production service

Typical services include performing visual, internal & or external inspections, as well as ultrasonic (UT) thickness checks.

This UT data is entered into a corrosion monitoring program, which projects next inspection due dates & equipment retirement dates, in accordance with the above referenced inspection codes. 

Based on the findings, additional nondestructive testing, such as magnetic particle, liquid penetrant or ultrasonic shear wave, may be performed on the equipment.

An example of a typical Eaton customer, requiring this type of testing, are those in the exploration & production segment of the oil & gas industry.  In this case, the inspection can occur at the oil & gas well site location, gas processing facilitiy, compression station or within the customer's facility.