Natural Gas

With 2 facilities, located in the heart of the Mountain West, Eaton is your source for the fabrication of heavy wall, natural gas containment & processing vessels.  With rolling capacity up to 6" thick & lift capacity up to 550 tons, we're ready to apply our nearly 100 years of ASME vCustom Pressure Vessel Fabrication for Natural Gas Production Applicationsessel fabrication experience to your project.

  • Amine Contactors
  • Amine Stills
  • Condensate Storage Tanks
  • Deethanizers
  • Demethanizers
  • Inlet Scrubbers
  • Mol Sieves
  • Seperators
  • Slug Catchers
  • Sulfa Check Vessels
  • many more

Shipping a Sulfa Check Vessel Out to a Natural Gas Production Operation

Design and Fabrication of Slug Catchers for Upstream Pipeline Systems