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  • 522,000 lb Demethanizer & Cold Separator Shipped!
    522,000 lb Demethanizer & Cold Separator Shipped!

    Posted: 12/6/2013
    Eaton Metal Products fabricated one of the largest pressure vessels in Idaho history!

    The overall length of the vessel was 197' and 13' at it's widest point.

    The Demethanizer portion of the vessel was comprised of 150' of 1.43" thick 304L Stainless Steel. The bottom section, a Cold Separator was 3.12" thick of SA-537 Class 2 Carbon Steel.

    The combined weight of the completed vessel is a staggering 522,000 pounds!

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  • PWHT Furnace Upgrade!
    PWHT Furnace Upgrade!

    Dehy Adsorber - 360,000#

    Posted: 6/11/2013
    Improvements were recently completed on our existing 20 ft. wide x 20 ft.high x 60 ft. long, car bottom, induction furnace, increasing the load capacity of an individual heat four-fold, from 100 tons to 400 tons. These improvements included both structural and drive system upgrades, as well as a new refractory lining for the car. This additional weight capacity provides our pressure vessel customers with a number of benefits, including tighter dimensional control during post-weld-heat-treatment. The additional capacity also improves our heat treating efficiency of plate and other products.
  • 640,000 lb. Autoclave Shipped!
    640,000 lb. Autoclave Shipped!

    Travelling to Salt Lake City

    Posted: 9/9/2011
    This 77 foot monster recently shipped from our Pocatello, Idaho facility to service a copper mine operation in Salt Lake City, Utah. Please select the 'Read More' link below for access to a local news story.
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  • Eaton Significant In TEPCO Cleanup
    Eaton Significant In TEPCO Cleanup

    Our custom made pressure filtration vessels

    Posted: 6/20/2011
    As a result of the damage caused by the March 11, 2011 earthquake & tsunami to Tokyo Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, plant operators used seawater to cool the reactors. The process, used to remove the resulting radioactive contaminants, requires pumping seawater through a series of pressure vessels, each containing proprietary media designed to filter the radioactive elements. Working under an emergency contract, Eaton procured steel from around the U.S., provided engineering services & fabricated (100) of these vessels. The vessels are composed of a total of (400) cylindrical shielding jackets, each having a combined thickness of (7) inches and an OD of just under (5) ft.. The contract was completed in just over (5) weeks.
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